<alter-ee> anti-nato action in Warsaw

Laure Akai alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 20:14:42 +0200

Today, about 80 people held an action in Warsaw. It started off in an ironic
way with Uncle Samantha collecting money for Poland to buy F-16s. The action
was supposed to show that normal people give money to help different
charities but won't give money to support war and, by and large, the public
was very nasty to the war-monging american with the NATO flag. A chorus of
women with George Bush's portraits sang funny war songs. Then there was a
march to the presidential palace and the american embassy.

One of the different leaflets given out was this:


Everybody knows that war means millions of dollars in business - and that
means jobs for the ones lucky enough to get to participate in one. (Unless
of course you're on the losing side!)
The arms business and all realted industries already  cost, that is bring
in, (depeding is you're on the spending or receiving end of the tax money)
billions of dollars a year - much more if there's a war. Imagine if you
owned stocks in one of those companies like Lockheed Martin - you could make
a fortune! And if you make a fortune, that's good for the economy because
when you've got a lot of money to spend, you can hire a gardener and a maid,
and a lot more people have jobs. War makes good economic sense --- it's not
just wasting money, because for every $100 we spend on war, somebody is
getting rich and putting at least 10% of that money back into the economy.

Poland should understand that war is good for them too, because for every
$100 they spend on war, they can expect at least $1-2 dollars to come back
into the economy. (Of course you can't expect this system to work as
effieciently as in the US yet.) The best thing though is that war can help
to alleviate your problem with unemployment. It's a sin that so many people
are sitting around at home doing nothing when they can be fighting for the
american way of life. First, you can expect to send some people over to Iraq
to play a heroic role; they'll probably die, but then you won't have to
worry about them coming back and being bums or car thieves or anything. At
least they'll have done something meaningful with their lives. Secondly,
there will be plenty of jobs for those who aren't fit for fighting. Since we
are equal opportunity employers, we especially encourage women to apply for
these positions. American soldiers are particularly fond of Polish nurses
(but only the young ones), and we'd pay them more than you do to work in
Iraq, so they'd be better off. And of course, after the war they're be one
hell of a mess, and everybody knows that Polish cleaning ladies are the best
in the world. We can even hire older women to do those jobs (nobody looks at
cleaning ladies). Don't you know somebody in your life, maybe a mother or
aunt, who'd be better off with a job in Iraq than sitting around the house
all day doing nothing?

Show the government that you have more common sense than it does when it
comes to economics. (And you DO have better sense than those damned
ex-communists!) Your contribution shows that you care about F-16s, that you
care about bombing the hell out of Iraq and that you wanna make a bloody
fortune on the war industry --- just like us!

American-Polish Friendship Association, F-16