<alter-ee> anarchist bookfair in Poznan

Zaczek alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl
Sun, 26 May 2002 19:00:52 +0200

>   BTW, Zazeck, when is this anarchist book fair in Poland? Or is it over?
> have a few friends who would like to come over. Let me know.
>  In struggle,
>           Andrew

Hey. The Anarchist Bookfair in Poznan took place on the 18th may.
There were anarchist publishers from Russia, Lithuania, Czechy, Germany,
Belarus and of course Poland.
It was not a very big event but interesting enough. Most of the publications
were bought or exchanged by other publishers, which would be good in terms
destroying the divide between writer and public if not for the small number
publishers active in Poland.
The good side of the fair was that a lot of publishers (us included) got
their act together for the fair and prepared new issues of their
(in our case, a new number 9 of "Podaj Dalej" appeared after 5 years break).
Some aggreements were made that will make things easier, like
aggreements for distro of "Abolishing Borders from Below" newsletter in

A commercial radio network broadcast some short report about the fair, so
people outside of Poznan learned about it too.

There are plans to ogranise a next fair in october in Lodz.