<alter-ee> action with nurses in Wroclaw

Laure alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 23:22:26 +0100

Over 100 people, mostly nurses and other workers at a hospital in Wroclaw,
were brutally handled by police after blocking a street in Wroclaw. They
have been holding actions since Tuesday because salaries haven't been paid
to nurses. 8 people from the hospital are on hunger strike.

At the action, police attacked protestors, which included some anarchists
and other supporters of the nurses. 11 people were hospitalized - 2 people
from FA. These two are probably going to have a court case for throwing
potatoes at the police.

The nurses have complained and say that such actions will probably occur all
around the country because the are mass liquidations and delays in payment.

But the Polish government is ready to spend a few billion on war planes
(which are overpriced by at least 30% due to a system of offsets which would
be illegal in both the EU and under NAFTA) - they're supposed to decide
which ones within a few days.