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Aactiv-ist newsletter is not an actual publication. It’s aim is to provide
people who are interested in the activist scene in Romania with information
about the scene here. This will be a pretty chaotic start, but we hope to
improve on the way. Please excuse the grammatical errors – we’re only
romanians. Anyone is welcome to use information that we put here for their
written or electronic publications... if you do so ( and we hope you’ll do
so... ) please drop us a line at pinkpanthers@k.ro because we would like a
copy for our Aactiv-ist library... soon to be open. Please spread this
around as widely as you can... If you received this issue and you would
like to no longer recieve it, please let us know... we don’t want to piss
you off. Since this is the only publication about Romania (in english ) of
this kind we have decided to give coverage to different ´struggles´ so we
will present to you all of the things we know... be it anarchopunk,
environmentalism or radical anarchism. 



- Aactiv-ist collective – who are these people?
- K.KTUS Caravan ( France ) tour in Romania
- Periam Port – Muresh Festival
- Pekatralatak ( Basque Country ) anarchopunk 
- Mayday Romania 2002
- A 31 Global Day of Action
- 14 september – Smash the W.E.F. ! day of action
- Food Not Bombs in Bucharest
- Map of alternative publications in Romania

AACTIV-IST Collective

Aactivist is an anti-autoritharian autonomous collective based in the city
of Timisoara in the west of Romania – a country somewhere in
Central-Eastern Europe. We work together at different actions for some time
now but we never thought of having a name. We gave up this idea since we
got a little tired of organising things and have other organisations take
credit for them – because we didn´t have a name. Pretty embarassing to
think that we thought that we should first do actions and then think about
a name while others who just stayed behind and complained took credit for
it because... they are an organisation. The people involved are pretty
different : highschool or university students, artists, punx,  anarchists,
employed and unemployed people. Some of the things that we were involved in
organising are: anti-NATO bombing in Yugoslavia protests, the Underground
Timisoara Festival, Parcs Not Hotels campaign, Earth Day 2001, AntiFascist
meeting in Timisoara, tours or gigs for diy/anarchist punk bands,
distribution, leafleting, publishing zines etc. Sometimes we are 3 or 5
people involved in doing something, other times more. The reason we got
together is because there is no anti-autoritarian group in our city and we
wanted to have a better organisation of the anarchist / anti-autoritharian
resistance in a city/country where capitalism is starting slowly to show
its real face.

AACTIV-IST Distribution

For a while now, in Timisoara there is a distro, but due to the fact that
in the past it was done only by one man it wasn´t too usefull for the
scene. Also the fact that it had different names confused people a bit...
Clipa Anarhiei, Rezistenta Urbana, Nesupunere Civila were some of these
names. Some weeks ago we decided to start a real distro, a distribution
that can give an oportunity to our scene to grow and for the people in it
to stay involved longer – not to leave it after one year of ´rebelion´. We
will cary: anarchist and anti-autoritharian magazines, books, and also  the
diy anarchist hc/punk scene will get space... cds, tapes, badges, patches,
t-shirts... So, if you think that you might have something good (and cheap
enough for Romania) please get in touch with us as soon as possible.


This place will be a natural continuation of the Aactiv-ist distro and will
carry much more than what you will find in the distro. Because it depends a
lot on the succes of the distribution, it´s a bit early to talk about how
the space will look, what kind of books will be there... As some of you
probably know, already, we started months ago the ´process´of gathering
materials, a process which is still going on now... we don´t want to get a
space and keep it empty... Our idea was that the space should also have 1-2
computers connected to the internet and be a meeting and documentation room
for the activists... Anyway, please contact us if you want to make a
donation: a book that you don´t like anymore, something that you published
or you distribute... we are here and any help is welcome.

AACTIV-IST Publications

A sad fact in Romania is that the system prohibited anarchist
publications... so we reached the ´record´of having 2 crap studies about
anarchism in the past 10 years and most recently a translation of a book by
Bakunin... there is no alternative publication in Romania so this is why
anarchism has one of the worst coverages ever here... It´s useless to talk
about publication if you don´t have a good distribution. So, we will settle
with doing some fanzines and from time to time booklets... for the moment.


Here is the programm of KKTUS Caravan in Romania. I also added one text
from their site here... you can find more there.

---------------------------------monday 1st of July 2002 the free road show
takes the road

---------------------------------5th to 7th of July : TIMISOARA (romania)

---------------------------------8th to 12th of July : INEU (romania)

---------------------------------12th 13th : punk festival (romania)

---------------------------------15th to 21st : ALBA IULIA (rom)

---------------------------------23rd to 28th : somewhere in the romanian

---------------------------------30th july to 4th of august : OCNA SIBIU

---------------------------------6th of August to 11th : CLUJ NAPOCA (rom)

---------------------------------12th to 18th : BAIA MARE (rom)

----------------------------------23rd of AUGUST : BUDAPEST (hungary)

keep connected>>>>>>>>>>>>>--- 00 33 (0)611 522 121 ---<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

peace out and see U ;)


Here's a question for you.
Why pay when you can get it for free? 

Well the legislation against free parties is now in place check out schnews
for the details.. just hope that the new labrador party will do more than
they did in the opposition to remove the shitty laws that the conservatives
have created. Or may be the best thing is to shut all the clubs and then
the thousands of people that pile into clubs for the great escape there
will have to find an alternative. From this report from the Mayday 3 day
party in north wales there seems to be quite a lot of work to do before we
can persuade the powers that be that they should leave us alone... We love
free parties. Ooh yeah! We love free parties. There's no excuse for what's
just been said but it's true so there! We can't let the establishment
brainwash us into thinking that free parties are a naughty evil drug based
sort of thing, although obviously they are. Contradictions, that's what
freeparties are all about. Free party people, lost glam kids, special brew
monsters and random clubbers. a Total mix of punters and people in the
know. Head for the ones put on by enthusiatic people that aren't just
running a drugs supermarket for the best laugh. Nowadays the word round the
street is Cheesecore! Keep partying and don't let the police stop you. get
connected, get out there and start losing the plot in the fields, where
you're more likely the find it again. Bust an unbust Tell us what's been
going on, [quite a few people in Mancland used to get up to but it's kinda
hard to get information from the valleys through the toxic dreamsmoke that
we all live and breathe here]. The parties are still going on with the same
sound system but the police have been well on top and quite a Tell us more!
We really want to know, we're funny like that! Are the police on your case?
Are they being out of order? Do you even feel confident about talking about
it? The Net is pretty obviously going to be Policed by Undercover dibble
looking for information to help them stitch us all up for something or
other. However it's likely that there's lots of stuff that you know that
they know that other peoples hould know about as well. Grass them up on
Network 23 it's not going to do much but it's better than nothing. 

12 - 13 july 2002 

The place Periam Port is a small village at 50 km from the city of
Timisoara, and it´s placed on the river Mures ( in Romanian you pronounce
it Muresh ). As a multi-cultural anti-nationalistic detail you must know
that in the area where Periam Port is, Banat, villages are different from
one another... some have more hungarian ethnics, other serbians, germans or
even bulgarians (?!?)... This village was founded by a german minority long
time ago... now they are all in Germany - back to thE.U. roots...
I don't think there are too many things to say about the festival. It was
crap if you look at the event in general terms. Because we know the people
who made it we wanted to bring as many diy @-hc/punk bands as possible but
because of bad coordination we ended with no band from outside Romania
comming (and we hoped for 7 - !?!- from Serbia and Hungary). If next year
we will be more maybe it will be even more fun. 
Some of those crazy car-hating bike lovers with anti-autoritharian beliefs
and an environementally - friendly lifestyle formed the A(narcho)Activist
Caravan. The group was formed of a number of people that even now we can't
sort out. There was the Radical Biking Crew, meaning 6 angry
anarcho-cyclists, anarcho-punk/hc music, vegan food, red/black flags, a
radical message, bad jokes, broken bikes, and lots of fun riotting against
polluting trucks and their sexist drivers (class war activists got the
chance to destroy expensive cars - and later houses and damage rich fucked
up macho shitheads... and anyone who killed a member of the local goverment
got free dinner!!!)... haha. 
And because we are not that narrow-minded how you would expect we also had
a Car Crew with anarchist distribution ( called AActiv-ist ),
anarcho-tents, banners, and more of that radical message for the people.
There were also some people coming with the train… but we decided not to
waste 2 days counting people who are with us, as sometimes we were spread
all over the place.     
The ideea was to go there and have a radical stance, and let the people
know that we exist and we're not some ghosts. Around the distribution place
we had discussions on anarchism with some people, some of them even
provided us with good information ( like the fact that Bakunin and Proudhon
were anti-semits - !!!? - if you have any comments please send them to us
as we are pretty confused now). 
Then there were the punk bands Haos and Guranii which played theyr worse
gigs ever ( musically speaking) but regarding to diy and anti-capitalist
message it was theyr best one. When Guranii and Andrei, the singer of Haos
sang "Clipa Anarhiei" together we had a direct action workshop… in front of
the scene there were 2 big cradborded posters advertising CocaCola sponsors
(!?!) - everybody decided that there will be no such thing durring the
performing of Guranii. Around 10 took part in the workshop. There were
people from the band and people from outside the band. People with the
flags distracted the Angry Locals Security Patrol (A.L.S.P.), people with
masks made from t-shirts attacked 2 times the posters untill everybody
could dance nice on broked bits of cocacola… we also had also a person with
photo camera and a person who was supposed to call the lawyier ( who was
also there ) in case of trouble with the police or the A.L.S.P., also there
were discussions on what to say and what to not say to police if you are
arested… the band was also ready to give us their full support. It was a
funny action, but the preparations before were as serious as you could get
and I think a lot of people learned some things and will do better now in
case of a real confrontation with " the forces of evil " - haha. In the end
we all regreted that the cola things weren't big enough for our anger…
Some of us didn't expect a big and visible succes, but strangely it
happened… the direct action workshop was a succes, the bands brought a good
message to the people, we somehow got a bit closer about everything and at
the end of the festival we had at least as big impact as the Kktus Caravan 
(who had a bus, a van and 25 people - which is a bit more that our stuff)…
we were asked about meaning of the red/black flags by a lot of people, and
noone asked us "the clasical question" : " Are you fascists?". We were the
people with the flags, and banners on theyr tents and we got a good
reaction from the majority of the people… Another good thing was the fact
that after the people with bikes came in the Friday evening the 1-2 nazis
there choose to leave very early Saturday in the morning as they saw that
our group was pretty united and we got big support from the people who were
happy to see us there ( some people were coming at us and finger-pointed
the nazis saying "look it will be great we will have material for the
antifa workshop"…  	


Pekatralatak is a band from the Basque Country, they play fast punk with a
rhythm machine instead of drums, politicaly engaged singing in french. 3
people: guitar, bass, vocals + rythm machine. Their eastern european tour
was organised by our friends from the DHP AK 47 distro and in Romania
people from the AActive-ist collective took care of organising their gig in
Timisoara. They were supposed to play on the 19 of july in Timisoara and
opening for them to be the anarcho – angry locals Guranii. But due to a
change of plans the concert was held in 20 and support band was the mighty
noise core KM 13 local anarchopunk karaoke band. There was suppose to be a
second gig in Craiova, on the 20th of july, with Null 00 or Terror Art –
local bands, we also thought of having a meeting with people from other
cities there and talk a bit more about actions that will follow.
Unfortunatelly, most of the people there were gone in this period and there
is nobody there to organise the gig.
There is nothing much to talk about a concert usually... but I can tell you
that it was one of the best gigs this year. We also had projections of
demos which a lot of times fitted very good with the lyrics of the bands.

Romania, like all the other countries in the Communist Bloc had very big
celebrations of Mayday before 1989. Huge masses of people would come
together ( forced or not ) to celebrate their working class dictator. After
1989 everything changed... nobody celebrated Mayday anymore. I remember in
1998 for the 1st of May i was sitting in a park and some stupid reporter
was interviewing old people, punx, etc. about what they remember from
Mayday... anyway, nothing happened.... it´s been 12 years now and still
nobody is on the streets. The working class got such a nausea of the
celebration during the Ceausescu regime that they don´t even want to know
about it. They don´t care that this is their day, the day when they should
speak up, they just want to forget all the humilliation from
´communist´times. The 2 parties who are on the ´left´are both in the
parliament fighting to ge the power and they know what is the latest
fashion in manipulating the working class, and that is the European Union
and NATO – so they will not bother with celebrating this day because they
think they might get associated with Ceausescu times. Because the people
were taught to associate Mayday with communist dictatorship, any attempts
to celebrate Mayday will mean that you are a communist, and if you are a
communist that means you want dictatorship, and you don´t want the E.U. or
NATO, and that means that betray your country´s interests... so, you might
be a dangerous extremist or a crazy lunatic... This is the image that
politicians and media have created and implemented into people`s head.
Anyway, the lack of any radical left or anarchist groups was also a big
contribution. I know that radical people in the mid 90´s were all
pro-Europe and they were thinking that the Western way was the only way...
That was probably because during their school in the Ceausescu times most
of them got really fucked by that system and never wanted to hear about it.
I can give you some words of one of them: ‘They took us one day to a
restaurant where highschool students were supposed to eat, we were models
for a photo campaign... they chose the most beautiful out of all of us.
They brought us all these nice smelling – good looking foods and we were
supossed to simulate that we ate them with pleasure... but we weren’t
allowed to touch them at all. We stood there for hours doing this and not
eating and when they finished they sent us home...‘ So, now I guess you
understand why people don´t want anything that reminds them of those days.
Next thing that jumps into my head are the words of a radical (sometime)
person: ‘let us have capitalism and after that we can fight against 
it‘. So, 12 years with no events on the streets for Mayday, the rulling
class have succeded in taking away the one day in a year when the working
class should stay united and fight against capitalist opression. With all
this negative attitude towards Mayday, people started to organise and
here´s what came out:
--Craiova Anarho-Front / Frontul Antifascist Craiova decided to organise
something for Mayday. It will be a little hard for me to give tons of
details because i was in Belgrade for Mayday... but I can tell you some
things. There were around 30 – 50 people and the action took place in the
center of Craiova – a city in the south of the country. There was a food
not bombs action and free clothes for the people which went pretty well.
Also there were leaflets, music, some exhibition... In the evening there
was a party attended by more people and also a grafitti guerilla action.
At one point, a group of 20 or something old communists pass the action and
some of them came back after theyr march was over.
--In Timisoara, a day before Mayday there was a poster action and guerilla
grafitti and after that people split up... some went Craiova to help there.
I went to Belgrade and the other people joined in the Mayday Picnic in
Timisoara and talked about ´the revolution´.
It was a hard beginning but we did it and the most important thing is that
we did it in our own spare time, with our money, I just hope that these
actions brought us a step closer to the solidarity we aim for and that
nextyear things will get even bigger.

FOOD NOT BOMBS in Bucharest

This action will be organised by Actiunea Anarhista Bucharest and no date
has been arranged. If you have any advice, suggestions or questions you can
send them to this address: carotrans@fx.ro .
I just heard a rumour that the action already took place but no "official"
maybe they will tell you more or your advices can be useful for future
 August 31st is meant to be the Global Day against the World Summit on
Sustainable Development (WSSD) held in Johannesburg in South Africa. Also
is a day of solidarity with the people in South-Africa who are in struggle
against what we might call an economic apartheid.
AActiv-ist collective and a group of people who work in different NGO-s or
collectives in Timisoara decided to organise an action in Romania. The
people involved in this autonom anti-autoritharian platform come from
different parts.  We also have contacts with activists from Bucharest and
in Craiova who also are organised in antonom anti-autoritharian groups.
 We decided that we should do this action in a way that we could reach
several goals:
 - to give people in the streets a more social and environmental message
about the World Summit than they normally hear in the mainstream media.
 - to get a big coverage of our actions and message in the romanian media.
- to unify the small activist scene in Timisoara and Romania through
organising and taking part in the actions_
 In 15-17 September in Salzburg - Austria will take place this year_s World
Economic Forum (WEF). After last year_s attacks on protesters and total
prohibition of demonstrate this year the Anti-WEF co-ordination group faces
even more problems because off new laws against activists and problems with
some mainstream NGOs.
 We believe that this people should be supported in their efforts and after
participating to an Anti-wef co-ordination meeting we decided to join and
make actions in Romania too. 
 The reason who motivated us most to take action was the fact that most of
the things on the agenda of WEF are concerning the fate of the Eastern
European countries. This happens behind doors and without people knowing
about it. 
 So, the first aim of the action is to inform the large public about what
is happening at the WEF. This will be done by a street action that attracts
the attention of the public and the (even mainstream) media. By doing this
we show at the same time solidarity with the people in Salzburg who
demonstrate also for us.

Both actions don't have a 100% established program yet, so if you have any
sugestions of you can somehow come here and join the actions feel free to
contact us.


- Slogan zine: the oldest zine around dealing with diy anarchistpunk and
political stuff. Issues both in romanian and english. criticalmess@k.ro
- Eco-Shock: evironementalist newsletter, last issue was pretty radical.
- Pick it up! : probably it's first issue it's the best romanian zine.
anarchopunk and political in the same time. nasol@lycos.com
-  Nonconformism punk and politics in a zine done by 2 girls in the hc/punk
scene. antirabia00@yahoo.com and fiction84@yahoo.com
- Aactiv-ist, is what you're just reading… 
- Alternativ is a good anarchist e-zine which will probably have a version
in hungaryan language soon… alter-ro@k.ro  
- Rezistenta Antifa is a zine done by Actiunea Anarhista on topics like
anarchism and antifascism. alter-ro@k.ro 
- Steagul Negru is a nice zine because is also makes fun of things while
being serious as fuck. carotrans@fx.ro
- URA is an anarchist zine done by the Frontul Antifascist Craiova /
Craiova Anarho Front. They also do a small manifesto called Info
Propaganda. libertatero@yahoo.com


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