<alter-ee> XIV. meeting of CSAF

Zaczek alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl
Thu, 7 Mar 2002 16:45:57 +0100

> About 30 members took place. Two delegates of the Organisation of
> anarchist - Solidarity and delegates and observers from various local
> anarchist groups as well as observer of FA Warszava were also present.

The meeting was quite nice. I mean chaotic of course, but that's
exactly how our meetings are in Poland, so i came with that expectation.
I have subscribed people from ORA "Solidarita" to alter-ee.
We discussed with them about the need to have a meeting in East Europe
about exchange of ideas, and not focused only on actions.
Such a meeting is prepared for 2003 in Warsaw (oops, that's
still a secret) called for the time being "Two Thousand Three, AN-AR-CHY",
but we aggreed that something might be organised earlier.

ORA"S" have a nice infoshop/bar in Prague, much bigger than
the one in Warsaw, but unfortunately the real estate speculation is
worse in Warsaw and the rental prices are much higher. Also
making a beer bar is not an option here... That's something
related with the differences in the "culture of drinking"
between Czechy and Poland... It's not politically correct to
talk about it, but everybody knows what i'm talking about :-)



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