<alter-ee> Two letters from political prisoner in Krasnodar, Russia

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Mon, 4 Feb 2002 03:15:40 +0200

Here are two translated letters from political prisoner Evgeni =
who is in forced treatment in regional mental hospital in Krasnodar,=20
Russia. He is arrested for bogus charges of "hoax about an act of =
He explains reasons why FSB is after him in the letters below.=20

Evgeni is not an anarchist, but he is a human rights activist and =
sympathizer, he showed up in actions of Autonomous Action in his =
Autonomous Action of Krasnodar is organising a support campaign for him=20
since there are no any liberal human rights organisations around to do =
the job.=20
However Autonomous Action is currently trying to figure out what is the =
best strategy,=20
since his mother announced that she is a friend of director of Krasnodar =
mental hospital
and in case campaign keeps low profile, she will be able to avoid =
Evgeni with heavy chemistry (usually Russian patients in prison mental =
become human vegetables in few years).=20

So, what is best thing to do now is not yet clear, but meanwhile please=20
write letters of support to Evgeni. You can write them to his home =
from which his mother will pass the letters further:
Evgeni Novozhilov
ul. Ignatova 51, kv. 105
350061 Krasnodar Russia

He speaks at least English, German and Swedish.=20

Two letters from political prisoner in Krasnodar, Russia=20


Dear Dmitri!

I write to you from mental hospital of Krasnodar area, from prison =
#3, to where I was sent by FSB (Former KGB, Ed.) 16th of November.=20

In my "case of Krasnodarian Babitsky" there are some new details.=20
For clarity I will tell my story right from the beginning.=20

Thanks to me, the paper "Krasnodarskie izvestiya" published=20
first and last time some materials about the real side of the Chechen =
20th of March 1999.=20
In order to have these facts known, I claimed that I was fighting in=20
the Chechen side 1996, and gave interview to journalist Valentin Kayuk.
In my story I used materials from Radio Liberty, expecially those made
by Anrey Babitsky. Redaction of KI published article with header =
from cannibal island", and added "a commentary" from general Pulikovsk,=20
in which he justified his limitless cruelty during the first Chechen =
after which he found a safe heaven under protection of Samoylenko, who=20
was the city governor of Krasnodar those days.=20

General said to mr. Kayuk, that it is his civil duty to give me
to FSB. Which later immediately did. Since March-April 1999 I have been
continuously followed by FSB.=20

First time FSB visited my home 17th of January 2000, claiming to=20
check my passport. They took my passport, and ordered me to show
up in the police station next day. 18th of January 2000 I was examined a
long while by FSB, during which they clarified with help of a lie =
detector that
I never fought in the side of the rebels.=20

10th of February 21.15 four police officials came to my home, lead by =
Portnyh. They said that I am suspected of stealing a hat from an elder =
lady in=20
front of my home 8th of February. They took me to police station for =
but never interrogated me. They took video footage about me, after which =
we had
a lenghty political discussion. They let me go, because my mother had =
come with
me. They asked me to come back the following day 10 AM in the morning
for interrogation with person who had lost her hat. I came, but there =
was no
any interrogation. 12 AM they said I am not suspected about anything, =
soon a person will arrive who wants to have a talk with me. However =
no-one came,=20
and 5 PM they let me go when my mum arrived.=20

mr. Putin was visiting Krasnodar 10th-11th of February 2000, which is =
why this "special
operation" was organised against me.=20

27th of December 2000, a week after I had called to Radio Liberty during =
a discussion
about Chechen war, a police officer came to my home, accompanied by FSB =
and said "What is this hooliganism of yours in the doorway? Visit me in =
the afternoon". I did not
came to him, since I was seriously ill then and was almost unable to =
leave home.=20

11th of September 2001 I was called to an interrogation by the city =
procurator of Krasnodar,=20
to be carried by coroner Sokol. He announced that some "veterans" had
contacted city procuror demanding him to find "hero" of the article =
published in "Krasnodarskiy Izvestiya"
one and half years earlier. Protocol was written in the form of =
"explanation" in the name of city procurator.=20

5th of November coroner Konstantin Stanislavovich Linov announced me, =
that I am suspected of having=20
committed a crime  "hoax about an act of terror". The proof were two =
telephone conversations, 6th of April 2001 with my friend Igor Morozov =
and 3rd of October 2001 with my acquintance Viktoria Podloznyaya (which=20
they had tapped, Ed.).=20

6th of April I was in bad condition due to bad medical aid to chronical =
piodermia (skind disease with
plenty of rankling sores all around the body), and in a telephone call =
with Igor Morozov I noted
"I would like to blow up everyone and myself as well".=20

3rd of October 2001 I was still suffering piodermia, and due to=20
failure with a woman I was in a bad mood. In a conversation with =
Viktoria Podloznyaya I=20
said "I had such a feeling that I would like to hijack a plane and fly =
to a skyscraper".=20

This is what I explained to coroner K.S. Linov 5th of November 2001. My =
regional residence
permission was taken away from me. I refused from a public lawyer during =

I heard from a source I may not reveal, that 8th of November coroner =
Linov yet did not
knew what to do, since he had not enough proof to open up the case.=20

I tried to seek help from human right organisations. Sergey Grigoryants =
from Glasnost foundation (Moscow), and Tatyana Kasatkina from Memorial =
(Moscow) were interested about my case, but Moscow is far and they were =
not able to do anything for me. In Krasnodar there are no any normal =
human right organisations, and all lawyers refused to help me since I =
have not money, so I was not able to find any help.=20

After 8th of November Viktoria Podloznyaya changed her testimony. This I =
learnt 16th of November,=20
when city prosecutor's office started prosecution. I had no lawyer, and =
I refused from services of public lawyer (which are not much better than =
in Soviet times when their main task was to jail their client, Ed. ).=20
The only proof against me was tapped telephone conversation with =
Viktoriya Podloznyaya, and her testimony. She testimoned that he took my =
comment seriously, so I was accused that the hoax was given to a person =
- Viktoriya Podloznyaya. She also claimed that I had tried suicide by =
cutting my vains, which I have never done.=20

Thanks to these lies coroner managed to send me to forced treatment to =
closed, "half-prison" section #3 of Krasnodar mental hospital. 16th of =
November I was carried to mental hospital by coroner Linov and FSB =
agent. I had 38.2 degrees of temperature. Coroner and FSB agent managed =
to pressure hospital staff to cancelall my rights.=20

During 30 days I went through all of the testimony. FSB passed to =
psychiatrists plenty of materials, such=20
as articles from "Krasnodarskiy Izvestiya", and plenty of citates from =
my telephone conversations with "anti-Russian" contents. Not very =
surprising, that I was given a diagnose. So now, until the court I will =
stay in mental hospital an undefined period. Court will be carried =
WITHOUT MY PRESENCE and will decide will I be kept further in forced =

Thus I have become a political prisoner, jailed in a mental hospital.=20

I want to say few words about Viktoria Viktoriovna Poloznyaya, born=20
22th of August 1972, living in the city of Anapa, Krylov street 83-2, =
Krasnodar area Russia,=20
phone +7-86133-50495, mobile phone +7-902-430-3761. She
works in a local trading business. We met in the beginning of 1989
in rock-club organized by Seva Novgorodtseva from Russian BBC.=20
First half of 1990 I visited her each week, I was in love with her.=20
We splitted in September 1990, remaining friends.

We did not met during ten and half years. In May 2001 I decided
to call her. She was happy. She wanted to meet with me, since
she visited Krasnodar each week due to her work. However=20
somehow we did not managed to meet. I was intruded by my old
memoirs and feelings, and tried to not to give it much attention.=20
However I figured out that the company in which Victoria is working=20
is connected to mafia, and I supposed we would not meet since I
was not from their circle. And in the end, Viktoria showed that=20
FSB of Anapa is connected to this same circle. So she sold me to=20
her FSB-mafia friends. This was a big strike to me. However I do not=20
want to be bitter towards her. She just made her choice. What can I say?

Now I want to tell about myself. My name is Evgeni Vladimirovich =
I was born 3rd of November 1972 in Sochi. 1977 I moved to Krasnodar with =

my parents, 1979-1989 I studied in school #70. 1990-1995 I studied in =
state university
of Kuban, in the faculty of German and Roman filology. After finishing =
the university=20
I failed to find constant work due to my difference of opinions with =
employers of Krasnodar
area. I am interested about human rights and humanitarian activism. I =
have also been=20
heavy metallist for 14 years, which is music which managers do not like =
since it
is anti-bourgeois. So I was living with short-time contracts. I am =
member of Amnesty International,=20
as well as cultural society Sverigekontakt.=20

In the March I got a serious skin disease, very unusual form of =
chronical piodermia. Two years,=20
until april 2001, I suffered plenty of short-lived rankling sores all =
around the body. Between summer of=20
2000 and March 2001 I almost did not left home. In June 2001 I managed =
to get better, but then FSB decided to ruin my life.=20

Things are bad, but one must to carry on anyway. Do you know if someone =
would like to write me
(through my home adress, Evgeni Novozhilov, ul. Ignatova 51, kv. 106, =
350061 Krasnodar).=20

Quite stupid, I guess. But I am really sad and bored. I want someone to =
know what is going on with me.=20


P. S. My coroner was changed 15h of December for some reason
P.P.S. Name of my mother is Galina Ivanovna Smirnova


Hi, ...!

29th of December 2001 city procurator's office passed my case to=20
Soviet raynarsud (organ which decides about forced treatment of=20
mental patients, notorious anti-dissident tool in the soviet era - Ed.).
Prosecutor's office got results of "expertice" from mental hospital 13th
of December already, so two weeks they were just letting papers to
collect pile... court should decide about my case until 18th of January. =

Without my presence.=20

My "diagnose" was not serious - "depressive syndrom". Medical
treatment is not necessary. But it is completely possible that court
sentences me to half years of forced treatment. Just remember that
Pasko was given 4 years of hard regime, and not more only because
he gained so wide support. So talk about me, I am necessary to=20
no-one. And prison sentence of my "crime" was increased by special
presidential decree by Putin 17th of December, so now they give=20
5-10 years for "hoax about an act of terror".=20

My mood has stabilized, I try not to loose my spirit. It is possible to =
live here=20
anyway. In any case it is better than in prison. I am training my =
Swedish and=20

My section has tolerable conditions. No any special problems. I even met =
with some people. They have some 45-47 persons here, most of them normal =
In any case less sick than the staff. But food is very bad, 3 times =
better than in=20
a prison but 3 times worse than home.=20

Biggest problem is lack of information what is happening in the world =
outside. I miss
Radio Liberty. Already during one and half months I have not heard =
normal news made
by normal people. Isolation from information depresses me seriously.=20

My friends, as I understand, have got afraid and runned away. That is =

I have nothing special to tell now, as you may guess. Maybe you have =
something to tell?
Best connection is through mum, Galina Ivanovna. She can pass me letters =
right to my hands.=20

No pasaran!


P.S. In November and December I did not received information=20
bulletin of Amnesty International from London. And in December
I did not received journal of Swedish cultural society Sverigekontakt.
P.P.S. The worst sin is the cowardice.=20