<alter-ee> Solidarity action with Tomek Wilkoszewki in Berlin !

Anna alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl
Wed, 26 Jun 2002 02:43:25 +0200

article (in german) plus pictures on imc germany:


At 12:37 24.06.02 +0000, Klaus Mittwoch wrote:
>At 24 of June in front of Polish Embassy in Berlin took place a solidarity 
>action with Tomek Wilkoszewski. As this time action was rejestrated there 
>was 4 times more cops than activists. Embassy was extramly protected and 3 
>bodygards were staying at the doors. Petition was given on hands of consul 
>wich appeared twice (as the first time he FORGOT to say his name he was 
>forced by activistes to show up again !). There was just a few activists 
>(polish, lithuanians and germans) but the action has to be reported in 
>polish president cancelary anyway. In solidarity with Tomek and other 
>actions fro his support around the Europe.