<alter-ee> Slovakia - Solidarity action with Polish antifascist

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Tue, 25 Jun 2002 06:29:44 -0700 (PDT)

(spread this information at will)

Today, 25. 6. 2002 at 10:00 am Slovak Black Cross has
organised protest picket in front of the Polish
Embassy (PE) in Bratislava. Here's a little story.

First of all, we've been very badly surprised by the
shape of PE residency. It is really like a bunker, 3
metres high with no windows!!! Of course, there have
been no people in front of it. Not mentioning that it
is situated in a very quite section of the city with
no traffic.

After 1 and a half hours of waiting for other people
and trying to make up some good tactics all we could
made up was to hand the petition out to the ambassador
and let our protest be marked at a registry.

At 11:30, we've ringed a bell. First, an
unidentifiable guy has come out and left us waiting 5
minutes for someone competent. Then, 4 men have come
out, apparently 2 of them working as "gorillas". The
third guy who spoke Polish haven't talked to us but
the other guy spoke Czech. He hasn't told us his name
(it's true we didn't ask...) and asked what do we
want. A member of Priama Akcia-IWA Slovakia said that
he is going to hand out a protest letter of the
organisation and the petitions to the ambassador. We
have been told the ambassador is not there and that it
is OK if we give it to him. We've said we want to give
it to the registry. To our surprise we've been told
there is no registry (!!!) and that it's their
business what the ambassador will do with the protest
letter and petitions. Seeing we have no chance to do
more, we dispersed.

We have to stress out to our Polish comrades that they
should ask the officials in Poland if they were
informed about the petitions from Slovakia and how is
it possible that the representants of the embassy in
Slovakia refuse people to be marked at a registry.
This seems quite weird to us.

Despite the fact, that the action has taken place
during usual working hours and thus we didn't expect
many activists, 9 people who finally showed up was
less than we expected. The action was short. We handed
out petitions with some 90-95 signs. The Polish
“I-have-nothing-to-talk-about-with-you” guy from the
embassy who has constantly showed to his Czech
colleague something like “let it be, come back to the
embassy and don’t give a damn about them ” mentioned
that they already received some 34 signs or protest

No matter how bad or good the action was, if Tomek is
not going to be released this is just a beginning of
the solidarity campaign in Slovakia.

Until Tomek's in jail, we'll be here and we won't be

Thanks to all the people who supported Tomek, helped
with promotion of the case and who showed up at the

On behalf of Black Cross and Priama Akcia
Michal Tulik

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