<alter-ee> Repression of anarchists in Grodno, Belarus

Antti Rautiainen alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl
Sat, 2 Feb 2002 01:15:52 +0200

Anarchist Black cross of Grodno reported=20
last monday, 30th of January that 4 persons were
arrested in Grodno after a political concert in=20
club "Kletka" in sunday 29th of January. Arrested
were Dima Gorshanov, singer of anarcho-punk=20
group Antiglobalizator, his friend Oksana, Misha=20
Nerush and a fourth unknown person.

Dima Gorshanov was freed tuesday 31st, and=20
confirmed report of Oksana who was freed more early
that all of them were tortured when arrested, with
beatings and most common soviet and post-soviet=20
torture, which is forcing to wear a gas mask and cutting the=20
air supply.  Dima was finally given a small fine for
"minor hooliganism", police claimed that he had been=20
drunken and breaking a window. Actually he is a
straight edge (teetotaler). Police claimed that "this is=20
just the beginning". Anarchist Black Cross of Grodno
is certain that police just tries to scare youngsters
away from political activity.=20