<alter-ee> Prague: Anarchists against NATO celebrations

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Thu, 14 Mar 2002 23:01:16 +0100

Prague: Anarchists against NATO celebrations

On Tuesday, March 12, local authorities in Prague´s periphery "Hurka"
arranged celebrations by the occasion that Czech Republic has been part of
NATO for 3 years. Some politicians including american ambassador
participated on the meeting, while militaristic /terrible/ country band
played their army tunes and military fans were showing their US army

The meeting was finished by fireworks /probably reference to "brave" bombing
of Afghanistan/. We had considered this meeting as a provocation and cynical
arrogance - celebrate the Army while it is killing civilians on the opposite
side of the world.

Over 20 anarchists gathered nearby the meeting and came to join it carrying
banner and pickets saying "More wars mean more celebrations", "More dead
civilians mean better democracy" and more. At the meeting anarchists were
stopped by Police cordon, so it was shown, that right to celebrate have only
those with the "right" oppinions.

A parodical speech was read, which was almost like by some listening
participants of official meeting and slogans were chanted: "Peace to huts,
war to palaces", "NATO means war", "Formerly Moscow, nowadays Brusel" and by
the speech of some politician: "Heads must roll!". After some time of
bothering of speeches by whistles demonstration was finifhed. A group of
bolsheviks also protested on the place of NATO celebration.

Petr Z. (International secretariat of CSAF)