<alter-ee> Police evicts squat in Moscow using brutal violence

Aleksei alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl
Mon, 14 Oct 2002 22:37:57 +0400

Please do not distribute this yet to wider lists
 - a-infos or indymedia for example. This because
the response campaign is planned, but it is not
yet decided which kind of actions we request,
to where to send appeals and protest etc.
Two separate letters just create confusion.
There will be longer letter for wider distribution
tomorrow or day after.

I will try to find some time for ICQ if people
have some questions about this.
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Police evicts a squat in Moscow using brutal violence
- solidarity needed!

Evgeni Schetov is an artist, to whom Moscow Union of Artists provided a
space some
two and  half years ago. Since then, small space in Armyanskiy Pereulok no.
1 has become important hub
for libertarian revolutionaries in Moscow, in particular for radical
ecological movement Rainbow Keepers. This
made both city officials and bureaucratic art prats from Moscow Union of
Artists unhappy, and during more than a year the space has been under a
threat of an eviction. In reply to threats, Schetov has quit paying rents
and for municipal services - making space the first political squat in
Moscow since 1997. Neither the Moscow Union of Artists nor the person who
owns the place bothered to go to court to nullify the contract which is in
force until October 2004. Instead they decided to use illegal direct action
and violence to reach their goals.

Pressure against the place has been growing during last months, with regular
attempts of police to break into the place and violent beatings of activists
by people from Moscow Union of Artists. Breaking in has not been an easy
task since the place is located below ground level and has a heavy door
protecting it. However in the morning of Saturday 12th of October police
managed to destroy door with axes, and police and members of Union of
Artists rushed in smashing all the people on their way. One of the attacked
got a brain crash, some others bleeding wounds. 3 persons had to visit
hospital. Everyone got arrested. In time of the arrest, Moscow Union of
Artists threw all property to street and changed the locks.