<alter-ee> Police closes concert in Minsk, Belarussia

Antti alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl
Tue, 4 Jun 2002 20:25:52 +0400

Anarchists from Minsk (antyfa@mail.ru) report 2nd of June 2002:

30th of May we (group Ekosoprotyvlenye, Eco-resistance) made
hardcore-punk festival "Zelyoniy shabash" (Green sabbath), where
groups Deviation, Vytri Anus, Basta Basta, Antiglobalizator, May be,
Pet nihil, Kalyan, Tyazhelye posledstviya, Golaya manashka, NKVD, Selfshit,
Skvot, Parafin and Kozhi Von were supposed to play. There was also a
video-show about illegal loggings of near park, photo-exhibition of Danik,
childrens drawings and posters with ecological themes.

Concert began 4 PM as planned, everything went normally, but around
5 PM a police car and cop with video camera appeared in the club.
6 PM more cops appeared, and OMON (blood-thirsty special forces
of ministry of interior -ed.) showed up. 7 PM they announced that concert is
and must be closed, but since no-one left the concert they announced that
club is mined with explosives and must be evacuated.

First people among the 500 participators began to leave the concert. Then
(what a coincidence!) also some 30 fascist football hooligans showed up. A
fight began, someone
got his hand broken. Police did not reacted to the fight. To escape
further escalation everyone went together to the railway station. KGB car
with video
camera followed us, as well as some police cars and OMON.

Around railway station some most active people were arrested, rest
were let go. Everyone of the arrested was released in three hours.
Organisators are charged with "organising an illegal concert", altough
they have organised concerts for years. Club will most likely be closed.

Thats how we are living over here