<alter-ee> Police Brutality in Belarus

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Police Brutality in Belarus

A Belarussian Anarchist is Cruelly Beaten by Policemen.

On the night of 7-8 September, in Belarus (East European country), in
the city of Grodno, a group of 10-15 people was going back from a
birthday party. Suddenly two police cars drove up to them and
policeman started pushing the people into the cars. Stas Pochobut, a
26-year old Belarussian anarchist, the "Navinki" newspaper reporter
and the leader of the punk-band "Deviation", was attacked just for
asking the policemen's documents and was put into handcuffs. The
policemen started beating him right in the car. On the arrival at the
police department a member of the Active Communities Confederation
"Razam!" ("Together!") Zmitser Dul'ko was also arrested. All the rest
people were released. Stas Pochobut was being cruelly beaten over all
this time by the policemen, especially by the one called Valerii
Shpakevitch. Stas's brother Andrei Adlianitskii, a journalist, arrived
at the police department and insisted on calling the emergency. But
when Andrei informed the police about his intention to sue to the
Public Prosecutor's Office, he was immediately accused of hooliganism
and arrested as well. Andrei got a warning from the judge, Zmitser
appeared in court on the 11th of September and got a fine. Stas is
still in hospital, in neurology department. His facial bones are
broken and the doctor says that his eyesight can be badly ruined.

It is not the first case of police brutality in Grodno (in the same
department) towards politically-oriented bands. On the 29th of
January, 2002, Boris Gorshanov, the vocalist of "Antiglobalizator" and
Mikhail Nerush were also arrested and fined without any reasonable

In order not to remain the case without public attention and to call
the policemen to account, a pressure campaign is necessary. In you
calls and letters you can insist on the punishment for the police or
ask about details of the investigation process.   

Andrei Pochobut (Stas's brother): 375-(152)-31-30-46, 375-(152)-33-46-46,
e-mail: kds-razam@tut.by, antyfa@mail.ru

Please, send your protest faxes or call:
The Public Prosecutor's Office of Lenin District of Grodno
375-(152)72-27-20 [phone/fax]
(Prosecutor's Deputy - Strel'tsova Elena Viktorovna)

Here is the example of your letter of protest, but, of course, you can
change it or add your own data. Please sign your letter and mention
your ocuppation otherwise it won't be regarded.  

375-(152) 72-27-20 
Public Prosecutor's Office of
Leninskii District of Grodno
to the Deputy Prosecutor
Strel'tsova Elena Viktorovna

On the night of 7-8 September, 2002, the famous musician (reporter of
"Navinki" newspaper) Stas S. Pochobut was beaten by policemen of
Leninskii District Police Department. From the police department he
was directly brought to the Emergency Hospital with concussion of
brain and broken facial bones. We are (I am) indignant with the
inadmissible behaviour of the policemen of Lenin Department. We (I)
insist on regarding the case with maximum attention and punish the
guilty in accordance with the Legislative Code of the Republic of


Please send up copies of your letters: kds-razam@tut.by, antyfa@mail.ru

Pictures of Stas:

Pictures of the policemen and Valerii Shpakevitch:

Data in Belarussian:

Data in Russian:

It would be great & very effective if you can organize pickets at
Belarusan ambassies. You can find addresses of Bel. Ambassies in your
district at http://www.belembassy.org/index_eng.htm
You can also send e-mails to the ambassies asking them to pass your
protest letter to Public Prosecutor's Office of Leninskii District of

please, pass this letter to your comrades & upload it to different
forums & news-pages, you understand it's not a spam mail.