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> Salud!
> This year we made first mayday demonstration in Slovenija in the last
> 10 years. We started with the project called maydays 2002 some months ago
> under the name R.A.F.A.L.(Revolt Anti-Fasisticne Akcije Ljubljana). First
> action was made on 27.april on a national holiday-Day of victory against
> Occupator. The elite had their meeting and party in the centre of
> to celebrate the victory against fascist in the past and to prepare for
> coloboration with western democracy. The minister for outside politics
> (sorry, I don't know the word in english)Dimitrij Rupel was having a
> about how important and safe is for Slovenija to become a member of NATO.
> came inside the building (a group of 30 people of different organizations
> and with the help of croatian comrades) and waited for them to come out.
> They were very suprised when they saw us shouting slogans, giving flayers
> and making performances. Police came and indentified two people. They said
> that they will charge 10 "leaders" who were filmed on camera. Dimitrij
> said that we are a neo- right wing movement, kind of fascists.
> On monday, 29.4., we made FoodNotBombs as usual, but this time we also
> Critical Mass. There were only about 30-40 people, because we didn't have
> time to organized it before, but it was very good: driving with bikes,
> skates and banners around the centre of city. After the actions, about 5
> people were indentified and police said they will put them to the judge
> because of illegal blocking of streets and illegal distributing of food.
> Then came the 1st may. There was quite a lot of propaganda, but the city
> almost empty because of holidays. There was not more than 100 people, but
> was true what also one newspaper said: small number of people, but at
> they knew why they were there. There were mostly anarchists from Slovenija
> and Croatia, we had a lot of banners and flags, performances, good sound
> system, which is a very good beginning.
> We marched near the parlament and government and there was almost no
> if you compare to American Ambassy which was totaly barricaded with
> policemen on horses and probably tanks waiting in the back.The main theme
> demo was anti-NATO campain.
> The public opinion was quite ok, the police again was acting stupid and
> thing with American ambassy was too obvious...everybody knows what is the
> most important thing for Slovenija!
> Before and after 1.may we also made traditional ANTIFA festival with
> anarcho-punk bands and video-projection and performances. We are still
> trying to make these events more political, because there are too much
> people who come there just to get drunk. Last festivals were more conected
> with antifascist actions, but now we don't have phisical problems with
> nazi-skinheads anymore, but more serious form of fascism - capitalism.
> I would like to mention also that the police opression here is getting
> bigger and bigger. At the moment, we still have two squats in Ljubljana,
> because they cannot throw us out yet, but they just wait for that moment.
> The criminalization is getting bigger very fast and they are making shit
> everywhere on us.
> For a brighter future! Zivela Anarhija! Smrt Kapitalizmu!
> maja
> P.S.sorry for my bad english

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