<alter-ee> Czechia: Antifa demo in Karlovy Vary

AP alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl
Tue, 23 Apr 2002 22:42:33 +0200

Antifa demo in Karlovy Vary

On Saturday April 20, local antifascist group "Antifascist Resistance" from
a small spa town Karlovy Vary in Western Czechia called an antifa demo. It
is very important to make clear that this group is NOT anarchist group. But
go back to the demo. They said it took place because of growing number of
nazi attack, especially against young punk kids. Also, a few weeks ago the
city saw a fascist march of about 200 bonheads.

Around 13:00 about 60 people gathered on a place of the demo, including
relatively huge contingent of anarchists from CSAF (more than 10). A group
of 15 masked nazis with sticks were also presented there, trying to attack
comers. When the march started there were about 100 people. Despite
antifascist outnumbered nazis many times the march was stopped by the nazi
group blocking the street.

Of course that anti-riot police made an cordon promptly and negotiated (!)
with nazis. Anarchists tried to force police to crowd nazis out (which is
their obligation according to law), but were stopped by organizers. What's
more, organizers read their statement and several times repeated that they
have nothing to do with anarchists. However, CSAF delegate was allowed to
read our statement.

After that nazis left and march continue to a square where it finished.
Anarchists were really pissed off this action. It should have show to nazis
that they are people who are willing to stay against them but it showed just
a group of people taking cover after police cordon instead. It all finished
when organizers thanked to police for a good protection...

Later the group of militant nazis was attacking people leaving demo and
during one confrontation was one antifascist arrested. Maybe he regretted
thanks then...


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