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Tue, 1 Jan 2002 18:49:18 +0100

Hello Chuck,

there is a few Czech links:

http://www.csaf.cz/  - Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation, even English pages

http://apdistribuce.unas.cz/ - Independent distribution, publishing and
on-line archive of anarchist materials

http://www.solidarita.org/  - Organization of revolutionary anarchist -

http://afa-cz.antifa.net/ -  Antifascist action

http://fs8brezna.ecn.cz/  - Femminist alliance of March 8

http://www.ulicelidem.cz/  - Czech Reclaim the streets!

http://fsa.anarchismus.org/  - Federation of social anarchist

http://www.anarchie.org/  - Anarchist info

http://www.sweb.cz/food.not.bombs  - Czech Food Not Bombs pages

In solidarity,


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Subject: <alter-ee> Anarchist websites in Eastern Europe?

> Winter greetings to my comrades in Eastern Europe.
> I'm currently doing the annual massive overhaul of Infoshop.org and I
> spent some time last night updating links to websites in Europe. It's
> really good to see so many awesome anarchist and anti-authoritarian
> websites, but it's also sad to see that more then a few have
> disappeared.
> I need your help. If you know of any anarchist websites in your region,
> please e-mail their names and URLs to me offlist. The only European
> languages I speak are English and German, so finding links on pages in
> other languages is hard. At least the word "link" has some close
> cognates in a few languages.
> Is there still an anarchist website for Bulgaria?
> Take care!