<alter-ee> Czech mayday demos

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Thu, 2 May 2002 23:05:41 +0200

Czechia: mayday demo in Prague and Brno

This year two big Mayday demos took place in Czech republic. In Prague about
350 anarchists gathered on a demo on a traditional place - Strelecky island
called by Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation, Feminist Alliance of 8 March,
Organisation of revolutionary anarchist - Solidarity and Antifascist action.
Ska sound-system and info-stalls of anarchist organisation were presented on
the island. After three speeches of CSAF, FS8.3. and Solidarity a march was

Several kilometres long march through city centre to traditional working
class area of city quarter Zizkov under black and red flags and with lot of
anarchist banners and black-green samba band last more than two hours.
People were shouting slogans against capitalism and expressing solidarity
with antifa demo in Brno during march. The march was finished by speech
against NATO and its upcoming November summit in Prague.

Three anarchists were arrested by civil police provocateurs looking as punk
guys. First of them for wearing steel bracelet (which was a considered as a
weapon by police), two others for defending him. At least one of them was
accused of four criminal acts including attacking police officer, which is
serious crime.

Second anarchist demo took place in Brno. About 200 anarchist were trying to
prevent nazis march of militant fascist organisation Narodni odpor (Nation
resistance). As usual, anarchist were surrounded by anti-riot police while
nazis marched under the flag of nazi German. Three anarchist were arrested.