<alter-ee> Antifascist action in Samara, Russia 10th of May (+ news fromTyumen)

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Sat, 1 Jun 2002 20:25:26 +0400

An anarchist from Samara wrote the following 15th of May
(shortened from the original):


Everything began from rumours about concert of "Korol & Shut"
(popular Russian pop-punk band - ed.) taking place in Samara 10th of May.
These rumours later appeared to be untrue, however already a week before
the supposed concert neformaly (Russian term which may refer to all youth
except fascists, football hooligans and gopniks - ed.) started to spend time
river bank boulevard around Lada memorial, where the concert was supposed to
take place.
In 10th of May, around 30 persons from anarchist/punk scene of the
city were around as well.

Soon we recognized a group of fascists gathering near the place of
our convergence.
Soon they were around 20-30, and began to harrass others shouting "Get
the fuck out from here, Russia for Russians, Samara for Volgians (!)".
Fascists moved to memorial, and beat up some peaceful "neformaly".
Anarchists recognised, that most of the crowd was just hanging around,
trying not to recognize what was going on. Anarchists started to gather
for a fight, but when enough people were ready, fascists had already
Most of people had however become angered meanwhile, and were ready to
have a fight. Some 40 people around the memorial went after fascists.
said that fascists were in Kuybyshev square, so people decided to head
On the way, the crowd keep growing, and suddendly there was a feeling that
the whole river bank was moving with us. It is impossible to count how many
we were for sure not less than 400-500. In the
front there was a girl clothes decorated with anarchist symbolics and
a red "Korol & Shut" flag.

Atmosphere was more of a party than agressive, thus one group of boneheads
on the way was left untouched. We moved along the Novo-Sadovoy street
shouting "Russia without fascism", "Beat skinheads, save Russia", "Skinheads
prats", "Hit nazi right to face, kick him to coffin",
"Capitalism is shit", "All cops are bastards", "Korol
and Shut" etc. Some bourgeois shop windows and
advertisement was trashed, as well as public phones
and other what happened to be around. Police called
for enforcements to stop what was going on.

We came to Kuybyshev square, and saw that
100-150 people were there already. At first
we thought they were nazis, but then we recognized that they were ours.
Obviously there was not much less people than in the mass meeting for free
education and against educational reform last year. When last people had
arrived, we were surprised to realize that boneheads,
some 10-15 of them, were standing only 30 meters from us in the corner of
the square.

However joyful crowd had already forgot the original goal
of beating up the fascists, and had turned to party mode, so we had to start
from the beginning in gathering combat-ready people. Soon we realized that
it was a worthless effort, and decided to act on our own. So 10 of our
attacked nazis.  I chose the one who seemed to
be strongest, and run to him. He decided not to run but
to take a stance. I gave him right straight, and when
he tried to hit me back, another anarchists hit his kidneys,
and I continued by kicking him to stomach. Fascist managed to spray me right
to face with pepper gas, I
was completely stunned some five seconds but then I recovered. Behind me
8 14-15 year old punks
gave treatment to one bonehead. Another fraction of us
reached fascists in main entrance of DK. One of the nazis
was hit by iron bar and rest hadn't goot time either.
Another group of fascists saw sudden enlightement and quickly changed their
worldview refusing their former ideas, they were given a verbal lesson.

After following fascists some 200 meters, we decided that
we are too few and too far from the main crowd to continue hunt, and we
moved back to the main crowd, which was partying around as if nothing had
happened. Beaten up nazis sought asylum around group of coppers which had
recently arrived. We decided to move to "wall", a place
to where we supposed that fascists who had survived
the first round had escaped.

 Meanwhile coppers had
began to clear square with batons, most of the crowd
head to bus stop near ODO. Cops shouted "you prats,
you bitches" and beat up anyone equally not taking into account age or sex.
When most of the people were in
stop, cops headed there as well. Someone shouted
"everyone to the Wall!", but police blocked the way there.
A nazi in cop uniform rushed to sidewalk and hit a 13 year old boy so hard
that he lost hold from his baton which flew some 3 meters. Some punks
voluntarily surrended to cops, they were searched and maybe arrested.
we headed back to the square to find our people, no one made it to the Wall.
Police managed to clear the square and we heard sirens of cop cars
everywhere around us, some small groups of punks still remained in the small
streets nearby.
We headed to bus, met most of our people and went home.

Later we learned that police had after all managed to arrest one of us,
argumenting that "Right now we need
some MOTHERFUCKERS over here". Cops threatened
the arrestee with a long prison sentence and a knife, however our guy was
not provoked and was soon let free.

When other group of ours came home, we realized than
one guy and two girls were still missing. I became worried,
since I had gave to another one of the girls a bag with anarchist literature
among others.
 However soon they showed up, everyone was on a great
 mood and shared their expressions and feelings, then we head each to our
own directions.

Cops were off limit as usual, later we heard that one
guy had his rib broken by them, another young punk got a
brain crash and some others were beaten up. And there
were just what we saw with our friends, propably
real number of injured was more.  To put it shortly,
Fuck the police!

In any case antifa-action was succesfull. I think it is the first time
fascists in Samara have been given a real counter-attack. We showed, that in
our city there are people who are not ingorant to police brutality rampart
in our country, growth of fascist movement, totalitarian tendencies in the
society. We showed that boneheads and power may face organised resistance,
that in Samara a new generation ready to fight for their rights and freedom
is growing, who might not be afraid by KGB-Gestapo methods of governement

Group of anarchists from Samara


(reported by anarchists from Tyumen 16th of May)

In the evening of May 15th 3 peaceful jews left synagogue of Tyumen,
among them one member of Autonomous Action and
RASH (Red & Anarchist Skinheads) of Tyumen. A group of
20-25 fascists were around, coming from a rock concert. Some
fascists slowed down and started to shout to jews. Latter ones
answered with a hail of bricks, but soon they had to make a
tactical retreat to Lenin square due to uneven numbers. Plenty of
punks and skinheads were as usual hanging in the square, and when
cops recognised that some disorder was going on they started
to arrest people indiscriminatingly. Most active fascists managed
to escape, but a group of nazis who had not originally participated to
incident was taken to police station, where they propably spent
the whole night. Anti-fascists were let free around one o'clock
in the morning.