<alter-ee> Anarchist mayday in Helsinki

Antti alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl
Mon, 20 May 2002 19:29:33 +0400

An anarchist from Helsinki reports that Some 25-30 people showed up in the
posh region of Eira, where anarchists had announced "an excursion to see how
rich people live" to take place. Participators are reported to have had well
enough Kilju (traditional Finnish undistilled drink made from water, sugar
and yeast) and necessary 1st of May (which has a long time been first of all
a popular carneval) gear, such as masks, water bombs, horns etc.
Participators had also black flags and banners, with text "let's rob from
the rich" among others. Cops showed up quickly, they were at best 4 vans.
March started from Eira hospital, and  cops allowed participators to sit
down on a rock.

Soon cops left and anarchist proceeded to Kaivopuisto park. On the way,
black flag was risen to a flagpole of one of the posh houses, and other posh
houses got waterbombs filled with Kilju thrown in from their windows.
Reporter has problems to remember how the events proceeded, but apparently
no-one was arrested.