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Tue, 1 Jan 2002 21:35:02 +0100

On request, i send the propaganda material for
Anarchist Black Cross "ABC-LIFE"
mutual insurance.



The principles of the Libertarian Mutual Insurance Association "ABC-LIFE"

The activity of "ABC-LIFE" is based on trust, resonsibility and solidarity
of its
participants. This initiative is directed not only to those directly
involved in
libertarian, antifascist, social, ecological, animal rights, squatting, or
artistic activity, but
also to those who are not ivolved in this kind of activity themselves, but
wish to support it. ABC-LIFE can be also considered as a solidarity
fund with activists being under threat of state repressions because
of their activity.

The insurance includes costs of legal support and legal liabilities
resulting from libertarian, antifascist, social, ecological, animal rights,
squatting, or artistic activity

The rules of functioning of ABC-LIFE are simple and easy:
Financial help (for lawyers or fines) goes for those who were insured
on the day of the action for which they are being prosecuted.
ABC-LIFE pays the fines ordered by courts only after all the legal
possibilities and appeals have been exhausted.

The support of ABC-LIFE ends when the membership fee is not paid
by the deadline. Renewed insurance doesn't take into account the
period when the insurance fees were not paid.
ABC-LIFE supports cases which took place at least 2 weeks
after the first insurance fee was paid.
The fee is equal to 2.8$ per 6 months. It is absolutely required to
respect the payment deadlines.

When paying the first insurance fee, the insured gets a
special ABC-LIFE insurance card with insured ID no., address, contact
and payment schedule.
The individual ID no. will be used during further contact with ABC-LIFE.

ABC-LIFE guarantees secrecy and protection of the personal
information of the insured. It is also possible to become insured
just by providing the first name and the initial letter of the last name
plus the nickname.

The activity of ABC-LIFE is supervised by a 5 person board made
of representatives of the ABC network from at least 3 city groups in the
country. Elections of the board membership are made on
regular country ABC Anarchist Black Cross meetings when necessary.

Every 6 months, the supervising board publishes a financial report on
the condition of the insurance association (since January 1999).

Membership fees can be transferred by money order or directly
to ABC-LIFE insurance agents active in your city. Look for specially
marked stands on alternative concerts, meetings and festivals.

In a mutual insurance association, the financial base consists
of membership fees and individual contributions. The "scale effect"
is very important. It is in the interest of everyone insured to bring
as many people as possible to support ABC-LIFE.

It's time to grow up. Make the move! Get insured in ABC-LIFE today!


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