<alter-ee> All hail fascistic respublic of Lithuania, freshly invited in the fascistic alliance of NATO

ghoul alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl
Sat, 23 Nov 2002 17:40:38 +0200

    Yesterday at the evening we were honored by visit of His Majesty George
Bush. Most streets in the Old City - the heart of Vilnius,were closed since
Thursday - no cars and almost no pedestrians were allowed, only thousands of
cops and soldiers. This morning Bush appeared in public at the Rotushe's
square and gave a short speech, explaining, how happy we are to be invited
to NATO. Our president Valdas Adamkus also spoke, promising, that Lithuanian
army will take part in war against Iraq, if that will be needed.
    Sporadic and unorganized anti-NATO actions we going on for three days -
on 21st a group of anarchists made theatralized anti-NATO demonstration,
walking through streets and pulling wooden tank model. Police did not
interfere. On night from 21st to 22nd a group of young activists was
arrested for placing anti-NATO posters on the walls. They will be fined by
2000 Litas (600 euro, five times the minimal salary in Lithuania).
    At the morning of 23rd, when big concert, followed by speech of Bush was
happening at the Rotushe's square, a lot of action was also goin on. It was
very unorganized and unprepared, but also it was very hard for police to
stop, because small groups of people all around the square were pulling out
banners and displaying them.
    Police mostly confiscated banners and recorded the identities of
activists, but, as far as I know, no one was arrested. Also a lot of
threatening was received by surrounding NATO supporters, mostly older
    Unfortunately, mass-media coverage of all these actions was minimal.

    Vilnius, Lt