<alter-ee> Action against deportations in Krasnodar, Russia

Antti Rautiainen alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl
Mon, 8 Jul 2002 01:10:52 +0300

>From report by Autonomous Action of Krasnodar 3rd of July (extracted):

29th of June a small picket was organised in Krasnodar against=20
deportations of the illegal immigrants from Krai (administrative area, =
than City but smaller than Oblast -translator). Action was legalized, =
altough soon
after we had applied for a demonstration and a picket city mayor=20
announced that all actions demonstrations, pickets and rallies=20
near administravive buildings will be banned until end of the year,=20
in basis of "threat of acts of terror". They proposed us to=20
organise a picket only, and threated with trouble if we go for a =

Since three persons had signed an application already, we decided not
to risk their security and we only organised a picket. Some 30 persons
gathered in the square of Work, more than 20 of whom from Autonomous
Action. Anarchists held a 6-meter banner "Down with deportations! No =
person is
illegal. Only governement is illegal!". There were black and red flags =
well. There was also a person from (anti-authoritarian -trans.) Marxist
paper Leviy Povorot ("Left turn") and 2-3 liberal human rights activists
with a religious banner. One of the co-organisers of action, N. Aleshin=20
is coordinator of protestant community of the city and a religious=20
human right activist. He has been lately expelled from (right-wing =
liberal -trans.)
SPS party.=20

Some non-aligned, socially concerned citizens came to meeting=20
as well. Only one journalist came. This was first time when some people
in Krasnodar have shown open opposition to immigration policy of Kuban=20
area. Only minority of inhabitants of the city will learn about the =
due to the media blockade. Besides, absolute majority of Kuban residents =
repression against immigrants. Nationalist hysteria, created by the=20
Kuban governement coincides with beginnings of a serious economic=20
crisis and wage arrears caused by it. Governement is not able to deal
with problems in agriculture and economics, so they find help from =

The struggle continues!