<alter-ee> 1st of May in Poland

Laure Akai alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl
Thu, 2 May 2002 12:06:14 +0200

There were a few actions in Poland, not one big one like last year.
I was in Slupsk where somewhere between 150-200 people (including some
locals) took part in May Day.
Slupsk has about 100000 inhabitants and tremendous unemployment.  There was
a demonstration and harrassment of the SLD where 8 people were arrested but
everyone released. There had been rumours of a mass attack of skinheads
coming to the demo, which maybe kept some people away but mobilized others.
There were even a few people from other countries like Germany, Holland,
Russia, Belarus and Israel. Maybe it wasn't the biggest mobilization in the
world but quite impressive in a small city like that,

The main focus of the demo was against further liberalization of the labour

There was also the meeting of the Anarchist Federation, FA. People reported
on different projects. FA Bialystok reported that the are making a lot of
anti-EU propaganda, so is Praska Grupa and now probably we'll start a
nationwide campaign with all of FA in the summer/fall.