<alter-ee> Statement of Underground Solidarnosc

Zaczek alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl
Tue, 11 Dec 2001 16:41:06 +0100

The deeply hidden underground committee of "Solidarnosc" has decided
to go out of hiding after twenty years. Here is their statement about the
war in Afghanistan issued for the occasion of the anniversary of the
introduction of martial law in Poland.

"We demand the truth about the bombings!

We, the members of the Secret Committee of Resistance NSZZ "Solidarnosc"
of Mazowsze Region remaining in deep hiding since twenty years, have decided
come out in the open. It's time that the authentic anticommunist trade-union
organisational structures start to work openly. Real members and
of Solidarity have not become slaves to pseudo-anticommunist-concessioned
opposition and other collabor-bears. It's time to change the tactics from
passive resistance to various acts which will prepare the general strike
will enable the society to become the subject of its fate again. We decided
to come
in the open because of the cynical and pathetic lies of the regime
The lackeys of Moscow have gone to far, and they will have to pay for it!

We will never believe, as they want us to, that Lech - our Lech! - could
have become the chief of facade trade-union structures, which are nothing
than disguised extensions of the regime. The communist press tries to
convince us that Basia Labuda now works with a red midget, the
konsomol apparatchik of the Sports Ministry [it'a about president
We will never believe that. The society will never believe lies that are so
gross and
the regime knows that. It's likely that the government is lying not because
they want to fool us, but because they want to spit in our faces.

They try to convince us that our deeply regretted friend Adam Michnik
is alive and has become a state propagandist who spits with contempt on
the aspirations of the working people. We are not going to believe that!
It can't be the author of "The history of Honour in Poland"! It can't be our
The regime is villifying the name of our saintly martyr, signing with his
the articles of the most vile state propagandists printed in the regime
"Gazeta Wyborcza" paper. No true patriot will believe such a lame
mystification. The date of 14th december 1981 will always
remain in our hearts, the tragic day when Adam Michnik was cruelly
murdered in the headquarters of the police by the known executioner
of the underground General Kiszczak. The general now poses for photographs
with a bad impersonator of Adam Michnik, as if it this demonic farce
wasn't cruel enough.

The deceptions of the regime could be described endlessly. But the
Empire of Lies has gone to far. The barbaric genocide taking place in
Afghanistan is presented as the doing of the government of the United
the biggest friend of democracy and freedom in the world. If it were not for
the tragic aspect of the situation, the deaths and suffering of innocent
we would only react with empty laughter to such an obvious mystification.
But every Polish child knows the name of the real oppressor of
The communist propaganda did not manage to disguise completely
that polish-speaking renegades - PRON and WRON - and the rest of
the ruling junta have decided to give "brotherly support" to the aggressor.
Whom are you trying to fool, Moscow lackeys?!

Twenty years ago, the Crow has started a war against its own nation. In the
anniversary of this tragedy we will finally unmask all the lies of the
In presence of the members and sympathisers of NSZZ "Solidarnosc" we
will march to the Embassy of the United States of America to meet his
excellency the Embassador of USA who will officially deny the lies
of enemy propaganda regarding the tragedy of the Afghan nation.
We will learn the Truth, and the Truth will be our deliverance!

Secret Committee of Resistance of NSZZ "Solidarnosc" Mazowsze Region.

The Crow will not beat the Eagle!"


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