<alter-ee> R2D2 march in Warsaw

Zaczek alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl
Sun, 2 Dec 2001 16:33:28 +0100

A group of "young enterpreneurs" dressed in black has
somewhat spiced up the D2 capitalist march. The men in 
black were holding a banner saying "Capitalism will make
you rich". The problem was that part of the letter "B" from
the word "Bogaczem" (rich) was falling off all the time,
so the word turned into "Rogaczem" (a man with horns -
cheated by his wife). Again and again the capitalist demonstrators
were upset that the part of the letter kept falling off... It
was so embarassing...

Some slogans chanted by the black enterpreneurs were:
"Unemployed - go to work", "The supermarket is the most beautiful
place to be", "Stop exploiting the bosses", "Your boss is like a father,
kiss his hand, and when he's sick, kiss his balls". Some of the slogans
were taken over enthusiastically by the capitalist marchers.
Some of them got soft when the slogan was "Stop the ban on child labor",
it showed they are not real tough liberals...

After that the black enterpreneurs divided in two sections and
fought each other shouting "Our heart is on the right side", etc...
The slogans included "From rags to riches - from beggar to shoe polish
boy - capitalism will make it possible for you".

Some outrageous leaflets were given to the public to ensure a proper
reception of the march in the public opinion.



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