Zaklad Karny
Orzechowa 5
98-200 Sieradz

In 1997 Tomek Wilkoszewski was sentenced to 15 years in prison for taking part in a fight, in which a nazi skinhead died. It is an extremely severe punishment for a person that has never broken the law before and who had been earlier terrorised for a long time by the local nazis without any reaction of the police. Now Tomek has still 10 years of his sentence left. It means for him spending about 3700 identical days with hard work being the only variety. He has only one hour for a walk during a day and three hours for a meeting with his family or friends a month. In order to avoid a nervous breakdown and apathy Tomek took up education. In prison he finished secondary school and successfully passed his matriculation exam. He wants to take up extramural studies, however it is likely that the administration of the prison will turn down his request as nowadays there is a tendency to apply more severe conditions of serving one's sentence. For five years Tomek has seen the world from behind the bars. It is not known when he may receive a pass to pay short visit to the world outside prison. Courts of all levels ignored the extenuating circumstances of Tomek's deed. Petitions of above two thousand signatures, demonstrations, support and guarantees from politicians, a TV commentary which was positive for Tomek - all these proved to be of no help. There isn't any possibility to change Tomek's sentence in legal proceeding. The only chance for Tomek is the president's pardon. Letters of support for Tomek are being sent to president Kwasniewski from many countries. The pardoning procedure is under way. However, the court has already presented its negative opinion in that case.

If you publish or distribute a zine, CDs or T-shirts, send one to Tomek by mail on the prison's address. You may also write to Tomek; he is happy to receive every letter, though he may not be able to respond quickly.

You may also visit the website: www.wilkoszewski.w.pl


Rafal "Rufik" Rusilowski is an eighteen year-old antifascist and a local activist from Bialystok. On 6 April 2001 he was arrested and accused of battery with use of a dangerous object. In a fight provoked by the local nazis, one of them got severely injured. Six persons were detained. Rufik was recognised by the nazis as the main culprit of the battery, even though he wasn't present during the fight, and arrested for three months. The prosecutor decided to arrest Rufik on basis of his "wearing strange clothes and provocative patches". In custody Rufik refused to at meat and as he wasn't offered any other alternative diet, his health is deteriorating. Furthermore, the prosecutor denies him meeting with his mother, impedes access to correspondence and makes his co-operation with a lawyer difficult. Rufik's family is in poor financial condition and he badly needs money for the lawyer. He also needs letters of support to be sent to the court. On 6 July, the court decided to lengthen Rufik's arrest until the day of the case, i.e. 27 July.

The Anarchist Federation from Bialystok and RAAF (Radical Anti-Fascist Action) organised three demonstrations to protest against Rufik's arrest. They also collected 500 signatures under the protest. In his case several other Polish and foreign groups and associations took part.

On 27 July Rufik's case was to take place. Owing to mess in documents it was postponed till 24 September. The good point is, however, that Rufik was released from arrest and was placed under surveillance until the day of the case.

You may write a letter of protest to the court on the following address:

Sad Rejonowy
wydzial II karny
sekcja d/s nadzoru nad postepowaniem przygotowawczym

Ul. Sklodowskiej 1
15-950 Bialystok
fax. 74-59-336

56- 100 WOLOW

Jarek 'Sruba' is a punk from Wroclaw, who in November 1999 was sentenced to three years and six months of imprisonment. He was charged with beating and robbing a policeman on basis of proofs falsified by the police and depositions of fake witnesses. Two other people were also sentenced to two years and six months on the same charges and in the same circumstances as Jarek. One of them has already left prison. We have no information about the other one.

Zaklad Karny
ul.Chrobrego 2
43-400 Cieszyn

Another case is the one of Klaudiusz Gliklich, who comes from Pszczyna. In November 1991, being attacked by three skinheads he efficiently defended himself. In the result, two of the aggressors received injuries. Afterwards, Klaudiusz was stopped and arrested by the police. As a result of false depositions of the skinheads he was charged with "robbery" and sentenced to six years in prison. After serving 2 years and 9 months of the sentence he was released on parole. He was given supervision of the curator for the conditionally released person who turned out to be a former nationalist from Pszczyna. He was making Klaudiusz's life hard as much as he could. Eventually, being provoked by the curator, Klaudiusz hit him. In May 1997 his parole was cancelled and Klaudiusz returned to prison for the rest of his sentence. During his stay in prison Klaudiusz beat a guard and received another sentence. Since then he remains in prison.


Dawid, Jakub, Wlodek and Janusz on 27 December 2000 were detained and arrested for three months after having a fight with neo-nazis. They were charged with beating of one of the nazis. During their stay under arrest one of them was severely beaten by other prisoners. Three of them are still under arrest. Jakub was released until the day of the trial in order to take his matriculation exam.



The District Court in Bialystok sentenced a young anarchist to six months of imprisonment, the carrying out of the sentence being stayed for two years for throwing a pie at the deputy president of Bialystok. The sentence isn't legally valid. Other participants may face the misdemeanour court.

On 29 December 2000 Grzegorz O., a 23 year-old student from Bialystok, approached the deputy president during a budget session of the Town Council and put an apple pie on his head. He said that it is a reward for passing the rise of taxes for the following year. In court it was claimed that the student violated immunity of a public official. The prosecutor demanded for him a sentence of two years in prison, the carrying out being stayed for four years, a fine of 1000 zl and apologies to the deputy president. In the justification of the sentence the judge said that throwing a pie is beyond permissible criticism. This case shows that the authorities are more important than ordinary people, who are often attacked with use of more dangerous objects than pies and the attackers remain unpunished.


In the morning of 7 August, "De Centrum" squat in Bialystok was raided by the police. The policemen in bullet-proof jackets and with guns in their hands smashed the barricaded door and entered the squat. They searched the building, damaging the interior and squatters' property. A lot of property was also taken away. Two squatters were detained but in the evening they were released. In the evening of the same day the squatters regained control of the squat again. The whole situation was described by local media, as the next day the squatters organised a press conference and they appeared in a local TV. However, the squat is still in danger as on 21 August the building is to be auctioned.


On 21 March during an anti-fascist demonstration in Elk, a 21 year-old Zbigniew Sulewski presented his opinion of fascists by taking off his pants and showing bare ass. By such an act the bishop chancery got offended, as it happened that the demonstration was taking place on a square where the pope's monument is standing. The representatives of the Catholic Church wrote a letter of protest, where they are of a opinion that the act of a 21 year-old was an insult to the Church. Zbigniew Sulewski may get a 1500 zl fine or a month in jail for an indecent act.


The members of the Anarchist Federation from Krakow are facing numerous fines for their social activity. Fortunately, they manage to avoid paying the fines (e.g. they avoided paying the fine for the "Lady Godiva" anti-tax demonstration where a naked girl rode on a horse through the city). Among others, Marek Kurzyniec was fined 600 z? plus 6 zl costs of legal proceedings for his protest during the presidential elections. It was declared that he littered a place for the public by throwing a flag at a polling station.


During the "no borders" camp that took place in Krynki on 6 -12 July, the police in massive force of twenty police cars, two water cannons and two armoured vehicles intervened when the camp participants wanted to arrange a meeting with the local community. Four people (from FA Krakow) were arrested, two were unlawfully beaten and several people suffered a portion of teargas into their eyes.


An investigation is under way against two students of Maria Sklodowska-Curie University in Lublin, members of LKA (Lublin Anarchist Collective). They are accused of an assault on the European Commission president, Romano Prodi. On 9 March they threw eggs at a car that Prodi was getting in. One egg hit the car. During the interrogation the students said that they wanted to protest against the policy of the EU. They are both under surveillance. A disciplinary action against them was also undertaken at the university, which thanks to the support of various groups ended only in their being reprimanded.


Five members of the Free Caucasus Committee appeared in the District Court in Poznan. On 23 February 2000 they entered the area of the Russian Consulate in Poznan to protest against the war in Chechnya. They destroyed the Russian emblem and the Russian flag and painted the building of the consulate in slogans against the genocide in Chechnya. None of the accused pleaded guilty. They also refused to answer to any questions in court. The case was postponed until 6 August.


On 4 May in front of the Police Headquarters in Poznan a press conference concerning the brutality of the police during the M1 demonstration in Warszawa was held. The participants lodged a protest concerning the case. The police reacted in action against the participants of the conference. In result, six people will appear before the misdemeanour court on charges of participation in an illegal gathering that violated public order and refusing to act according to the commands of the police.


On 22 march 2001 Maciej Horoszko was fined 500 zl plus 50 zl of the costs of legal proceedings for chaining himself to the building of the court. Together with Dominik Sawicki, whose case is still under way, Maciek resorted to such action in order to show support in Tomek Wilkoszewski's case, as at that time Tomek's revision case was taking place.


On 5 March 2001 the members of the Anarchist Federation in Szczecin took part in the demonstration of the transportation company workers in front of the town administration building. As they tried to enter the building, the police unlawfully denied entrance to the building to two anarchists.


In July the misdemeanour court in Ustrzyki Dolne fined at least two participants of the last year's "no borders" camp. Both Lukasz P. from Lodz and Remek from Knurow were fined 150 zl plus 12 zl of costs of legal proceeding. They both appealed to the court.


During a legal and peaceful demonstration on 1 May, the police brutally beat Piotr Rachwalski vel "Piszpunt". In result he was taken to hospital with concussion, internal damage and broken ribs. He received above seven days of sick leave. A few policemen repeatedly kicked Piotr, while he was handcuffed and was lying on the ground. The police refused also to call for an ambulance when Piotr lost consciousness after being beaten. Piotr has already sued the police, demanding punishment of perpetrators of this crime. Through all the time of the demonstration the police acted provocatively and aggressively. They violated the demonstrators' constitutional rights to gather, express opinions and move freely. The policemen surrounded the demonstrators in a tight cordon denying exit and entrance. Moreover, three people were arrested during the demonstration: Marek Kurzyniec, Jarek "Kingi", and Miroslaw "Cockney" with his dog. After pressure and a "sit in" protest of the demonstrators, Marek and Jarek were released. "Cockney" was fined 200 zl and his dog was put in quarantine. The organisers lodged a complaint against the police.


Andrzej Smosarski and Witold Krynski from the Leftist Alternative were accused of allegedly beating a policeman during a street blockade organised by the Nurses' Trade Union. A. Smosarski is also to face the court in case of blocking eviction.


In March the police from Wroclaw, previously known for its brutality, attacked a squat in Kromera St. The policemen without any motion from the building's owner brutally expelled the inhabitants and totally destroyed their property. Several people were beaten. The squatters, with legal help of ABC, lodged complaints against the policemen. There are 17 complaints followed by photographs and medical examinations of beaten up people. In Wroclaw several demonstrations and protests took place. The demonstrators stormed the town administration building, two people chained themselves to the railing in front of the building. The building in Kromera St. was squatted again. The squatters organised a happening were they spread leaflets stating true aims of the police in Wroclaw: evictions of squats, beating defenceless people or chasing people illegally selling vegetables or socks in the streets. Some of the demonstrators will face the misdemeanour court, one will appear before the court. It is very doubtful that the squatters will see justice in their case against the police. The public prosecutor, who interrogated the squatters from Kromera, was altering their words, addressing them with offensive expressions and answering "So what?" when they were complaining. Let us keep in mind that a legal proceeding in Strasbourg against the police in Wroclaw is already under way, concerning the other case of police attack on another squat, Rejon 69.


The public prosecutor in Wroclaw proposed conditional discontinuation of legal proceedings against Piotr G., a student of a secondary school in Wroclaw. On 19 January 2001, Piotr threw a pie at the prime minister Jerzy Buzek. Though the prosecutor found Piotr G. guilty of insulting the prime minister, owing to the fact that Piotr hasn't been punished before and that his offence didn't cause great harm, he is to be under surveillance for a year. If the court is of a different opinion than the public prosecutor, Piotr will face a trial where he may be sentenced to two or three years in prison.


In spring, demonstrations and actions against evictions took place in the cities mentioned above. From April to October Polish law allows people to be evicted. In Poland many families that do not pay the rent are turned adrift without scruples; they are evicted and left without any substitutional place to live. In many cases these are poor people with a lot of children, lonely mothers, workers that were made redundant, all those that are forgotten by the state and deprived of any help. In Krakow a press conference concerning evictions was surrounded by the police units. People involved in anti-eviction actions were being followed by secret officers. Violent demonstrations took place in Wroclaw and Szczecin. In Szczecin, the demonstrators, who wanted to meet the voivode tried to enter his office. They threw three fumigating candles in and broke some windows. Six people were detained. Three of them will face the misdemeanour court on charges of taking part in an illegal gathering and one person is accused of destroying property, littering, violating public order and organising and taking part in an illegal gathering.

No copyrights, distribute freely.

You can obtain this sheet in e-version on www.most.org.pl/ack

or contacting us directly:

ACK (ABC) Poland
skr pocztowa 5
60-966 Poznan 31

Translation: Kret / ABC Trojmiasto

Bialystok, ABC supplement

August 28, 2001

This is a bulletin/supplement to ABC bulletin made by Bialystok. Hopefully ABC bulletin will be sent in English soon.


Issue #1 August 2001-

Hi! The following is meant to act as an information sheet for the ABC and other initiatives connected with state repression, prioners, etc. The level of repression against anarchists and other revolutionaries is growing all around the world. It can be seen everywhere, especially at anti-globalization protests. As we get further absorbed into EU structures. we can expect more repression. It is important therefore that we better organize mutual aid networks so that nobody who is repressed is left to stand alone and so that our movement can withstand the impending storm.

The beginning of this network grew out of a meeting during the anti-border camp in Krynki in July 2001. We already have an ABC network in Poland but lately it has not always worked effectively and therefore we decided to try another way. We would like there to be more autonomous groups and to have a much quicker flow of information. We'll see how this works in practice.

This issue was made by the Bialystok ABC group. You can contact us at:

ACK Bialystok PO BOX 43, 15-662 Bialystok 26, soja2@poczta.onet.pl .


Bialystok: Rafal Rusilowski, and 18-year old anti-fascist, was released from jail on July 27. His trial has been postponed to September 24 since he wasn't brought to court last time due to some bureaucratic screw up by the cops. For those unfamiliar with this case, Rafal was accused of assault with a dangerous weapon against some nazis in March 2001.

In reality, they were beaten by someone else. He was accused because he happened to walk by the place of the incident an hour later (coming back from a visit) and because the nazis know him. The prosecutor did not like the way he looked or his ideas.

The police were not able to find the real attackers and the media was in a frenzy and all this made him the scapegoat. Rafal spent 4 months under arrest. There were 3 solidarity pickets, one at the court and two at the jail. There were dozens of letters and faxes sent and a petition with over 300 names. More than a dozen people are charged with misdemeanors for the last picket. In the end, thanks to our efforts and Rafal's lawyer, he was released from custody. But charges haven't been dropped yet.

Another thing. We don't accept the categories the system creates of "guilty" or "not guilty". He is an antifascist fighting a war and therefore deserves our support.

Szczecin: Dominik S., anarchosyndicalist, member of the FA and worker at the Szczecin Shipyards. He was accused by authorities of enciting people to commit crimes. The crime turns out to be that he was giving out newpapers.

"Shipworker" is a radical paper for workers. It criticizes the rich financiers who run the shipyard. Apparently the paper was so influential they decided to silence him. Szczecin anarchists are organizing protests.

Bialystok: Early in the morning of August 7, police raided the De Centrum squat with a search warrant. There were about 10 plain clothes officer and a police van. The police broke down the doors to the squat with an axe and entered waving guns. Two people in the squat were taken in.

Their official pretext was that they were looking for stolen goods. They didn't find any. The narcs also searched the premises but came up empty-handed - the squatters didn't have any drugs. The police calmed down a bit because the press reacted and came to the scene quickly, smelling a juicy story. Police were ridiculed in the local papers. On the evening of the 7th, squatters took back control of the building. There was a complete mess there.

Everything was destroyed, even ceilings and floors were torn up and there were big holes made in the walls. The police also confiscated all sorts of equipment like bikes, tape recorders, teapots, etc. - they even confiscated 2 kilos of onions!

We held a press conference at the squat and showed them what the police had done. This led to further articles in the papers. We will keep you updated on this case.

The Situation after the Anti-Border Camp

The situation is not the worst. 4 people were charged with misdemeanors as a result of the arrests when the police attacked them without any reason before a happening in Krynki.

Other than this and the constant annoyance of having documents checked by police, there were no big problems. The only thing was that the Bialystok activists experienced more controls around the squat. This was especially noticeable the day after the camp when even undercover cops were taking down people's names. I guess that blew their cover.

Situation in Goteborg

The repression in Goteborg were very serious. Over a dozen people were sentenced to between 3 months and 4 years in jail. Others are still waiting to go to trial. About half of them are foreigners. There are Germans, Danes and English among them. The sentences were conveniently handed down right after Genoa when everybody was paying attention to that and it seemed that everybody had forgotten about Sweden.

The 19-year old Swede who was shot by the police has undergone an operation and had a kidney and part of his spleen removed. He is recovering and is very active in the prisoner support group.

The Situation in Genoa

After the protest against the G8 summit in Genoa, there remain (as of writing this), 30 people in jail. Almost half are foreigners, most from Germany.The others were released as there were no grounds to hold them but still they were deported and are forbidden to enter Italy (and in some cases the EU) for 5 years.

Lawyers are working non-stop but the situation is difficult because there are only a couple to deal with all the arrested. Almost all are being accused of belonging to a criminal group planning destruction and pillage.

These are new accusations; before they were things like "belonging to a terrorist organization, intending to attack public officials". Pressure on the Italian government is increasing. A mass trial against Italian police is also being planned based on the precendent of a case in Amsterdam after a EU meeting in the early 90s. Then, a large amount of compensation was awarded to the victims.

More than a dozen police have been sacked following their brutal behaviour during the demos and the murderer of Carlo Guiliani is being charged with premeditated murder. However, we don't believe in miracles.

We will keep you informed.

Poland, ABC update

June 04, 2001


On the 15th of May 2000, Damian Kaczmarek (Anarchist Federation Poznan) was sentenced to eight months of restriction of liberty (8 months of work for public purposes 30 hours a month) and paying 400 zlotys of costs of court proceedings. He was charged with using violence againts security guards, who were attacking a building occupied by the anarchists and ecologists. The building was to be taken down to make place for the A4 highway, planned to run through Gora Sw. Anny. The security guards were hired by the German company Iibau Kirchner to brutally break the anti highway protests of anarchists and ecologists.

On 11 May, 2000 a grouop of three anarchists from Anarchist Federation Poznan entered the office of the Highway Building and Exploitation Agency in Poznan and occupied it for an hour. They demanded the acquittal of Damian Kaczmarek and withdrawal of the agency from the program of building highways in Poland. They were arrested by the police and taken to the police station.

On the 26th of June, the misdemeanor court sentenced them to a month of work for public purposes, 20 hours a month and paying the costs of legal proceedings (12zl).


Rafal Gorski (Anarchist Federation Krakow) was fined 560 zlotys for the participation in an illegal gathering and the possession of dangerous object.


A model that played the leading role in the anti-tax happening "Lady Godiva" in Krakow was fined 100 zlotys.


Cases concerning teh Free Caucasus Commitee, a group of people acting in aid of the independence of Chechnya:

The legal proceedings are under way againts five members of The Free Caucasus Committe who entered the area of the Russian Consulate in Poznan on the 23rd of February during a protest againts war in Chechnya. They painted the building of the consulate in anti-war slogans, destroed the Russian emblem, destroyed the Russian flag and pulled up the Chechnyan flag on its place. They have been accused of destroying the property of a considerable value (over 5 thousand zlotys), encroachment on territory and insulting Russian national symbols. The proceeding was passed from the Disrict Court to Court of Appeal back. Eventually the trial is to be appointed in District Court.

If you want to support the accused send your letters on the following address:

Sad Rejonowy
Wydzial Karny
ul. Mlynska 1
Poznan, Poland

On 23 November, 2000 the Disrict Court in Poznan sentenced Maciej Roszak, a member of the Free Caucasus Committee to six months of imprisonment the carrying out of the sentence being stayed for three years and fined him 524 zl on behalf of the Russian Consulate and coasts of court proceedings (100 zl) for painting the information plate of the Russian Consulate during the anti-war protest in December 1999. The loses were estimated on 2600 zl. Two members of the Free Caucasus Committee were fined 450 zl for littering the pavement with an egg shell, wchich was thrown at the police.

On 12 October the misdemeanor court fined a member of the Free Caucasus Committee with an incommensurabby high fine of 3500 zl for spilling watercolour before the gate of the Russian Consulate. It was raining then and after a few hours there wasn't any sign of it left.


We still help all imprisoned, but we can't afford on such level of help they deserve - we are lack of money!

Please support us with small donation:

REQUEST: please don't send any checques, because the procedure of taking money from that kind of payment is long and expensive (up to 50% of money sent), so it's better just to transfer it.

bank address: PEKAO BP XX Oddzial Poznan

ul Stary Rynek 44
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